Community Guidelines

Greetings, Enlightened agents! As our numbers grow and our territory expands we (the community moderators) thought it prudent to outline our community guidelines. We're a good group of folks, and most of these are common sense, but we wanted a clear set of rules for newbs and veterans alike to refer to. Please read and review, and keep up the good fight!

Both in COMM and on the field, you're a representative of our community. Please make sure that you reflect that in both your words and actions.


Don't be a d**k. Don't talk mean-spirited smack. Don't threaten people. Don't make people feel as if their gameplay will have real life repercussions. Don't use real names in COMM. Don't give out personal identifying information in COMM. Don't run multiple accounts, and don't location spoof. We play a fair, clean game on this side. Individuals found to be violating the Terms of Service or the Community Standards will be subject to removal from the community and/or reported to Niantic.


Do reach out to new or visiting players and make them feel welcome. Do encourage and offer assistance to others. Do engage others in general chatter, witty banter, or lighthearted taunting if you desire. Do respect the wishes of those that don't want to communicate with you. Do try and ignore individuals that try to bait you into losing your cool. Do screenshot and report individuals violating the TOS (or the spirit of the game) to the community moderators or to Niantic.

We're lucky to have excellent relations both within our community and with the other faction. Anytime you get a large group together there's bound to be issues (and growing pains) but thus far we've kept it to a minimum. Let's work together to keep it that way!


Pacific Northwest Community

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